Documentary Video Production by Iconic Digital Studios

Truth—it’s a powerful doctrine to uphold. Our long-form documentary service captures the truth behind a story, a past, a dream, or an injustice. Moxie has produced award-winning pieces that shed light on people and their lives. We can research history, dig into the real issues, and produce compelling footage. With more than 20 years of experience in the video production industry, we will tell the story that gets people talking.

In the end, your audience won’t remember all of the facts—but they will remember the characters. Another human’s goals, struggles, and achievements all resonate with an audience on a personal level. We can capture the most poignant moments in a tale and share them with the world.

Iconic is a best-in-Colorado documentary video producer, orchestrating impactful videos at prices that makes sense. Contact Us Today and learn about our documentary video production services.